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Newsletter: Third Quarter – 2015

October 30, 2015 | 1116 Views

The leaves are changing, the sun is setting sooner, the wind is getting cooler and you’re grabbing the sweatshirts and sweaters from the other closet. Did you notice that? Fall is officially upon us. Whether you love Fall or you’re already missing Summer, here are some of our latest updates and releases which may help cheering you up:


Auction 3.01 –

  • Auction is an Ebay-like module which allows members on your community to put up items for sale and have other users place bids to win, or make offer, buy now to directly buy the items. With YouNet’s phpFox Auction, it will be easy and quick to set up your site as a professional auction website in Ebay style. Furthermore, it is very simple and flexible: as the sellers, users can easily keep track of their activities such as selling statistic, auctions management, bid history, orders management, etc; as the admin, you can earn money by charging publishing fee, featuring fee, and generally manage whole activities inside Auction module.


Business Directory 3.02 –

  • Add new Data Migration Tool
  • Fix the bugs relating to not getting notifications, permission to delete items, permission to download business’s info

Video Channel 3.03p3 –

  • Improvements to support new YouTube API and support Social Share (Addthis)
  • Fix bug to let users view Youtube video from feed on the site use HTTPS

Social Bridge 3.04p5

  • Improvement to support images on Twitter

Social Publisher 3.06p2 –

  • Improvements to support Business Pages and support posting images on Twitter
  • Fix the blank popup appearing when logging as page.

Resume 3.04p3

  • Bugs fixed:
    • Broken layout when sending message on Chrome browser
    • Showing wrong gender on notifications
    • Error validating emails

Auction 3.02 –

  • Improvements:
    • Add Data Migration Tool 
    • Put email template in a page of AdminCP
    • Email and Notification – send email and notice when auction approved
    • Seller section – add “Feature Auction” option on “Manage Auction”
    • Show confirmation message after approving offer successfully
    • Add Pending Auction page
  • Bug fixed:
    • Issue relating to Global Search
    • Missing phrase and addresses

Chat 3.01p3 –

  • Fix bugs to read uploaded file and also support UTF-8 language

Fox Mobile Application 3.09p1 –

  • Fix the bugs relating to:
    • Cannot translate some phrases
    • Missing notification of comment
    • Emoticons are shown as text in comment
    • Cannot like a comment
    • Cannot see new comment
    • Cannot signup / edit profile info if not input birthday
    • Issue in displaying unicode characters
    • Cannot translate menus on Android version
    • Cannot view link in app when adding a link from full site without protocol
    • Video full screen not working on Android

Document 3.04 –

  • Improvement to support Google Viewer

Advanced Event 3.06p1 –

  • Improvement on layout and adding more settings in AdminCP
  • Support recurring photos for the recurring events
  • Fix several bugs relating to displaying events


Contact Importer 4.01-App

  • A great tool for users to expand their friend networks by inviting people from all social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hotmail, etc…). In addition, this plugin also empowers users to connect to all contacts from most major Email Providers.

Social Connect 4.01-App

  • A safe, fast, and easy way to log in by using existing accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Windows Live. With Social Connect, saving time to sign up and securing password will make your website more friendlyprofessional, and interactive. Social Connect not only helps you to reduce customer care and password recovery cost but also achieve greater customer satisfaction by eliminating the frustration associated with user forgetting login credentials (usernames and passwords).

Fox Mobile Application 4.01 –

  • Mobile Application is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for PHPFox V4 based site is another perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.

Business Directory 4.01 –

  • Business Directory provides Yelp-like features for niche social network. Members can create a business orclaim a business created by other members. Members are able to review and rate any business that they have experienced with. “Brochure” feature allows members to print all info about a business on paper. Check-ins feature is also supported. 

Auction 4.01 –

  • Auction is an Ebay-like module which allows members on your community to put up items for sale and have other users place bids to win, or make offer, buy now to directly buy the items. With YouNet’s phpFoxAuction, it will be easy and quick to set up your site as a professional auction website in Ebay style. Furthermore, it is very simple and flexible: as the sellers, users can easily keep track of their activities such as selling statistic, auctions management, bid history, orders management, etc; as the admin, you can earn money by charging publishing fee, featuring fee, and generally manage whole activities inside Auction module.

Fox Feeds Pro 4.01 –

  • FoxFeeds Pro ideally helps serving your members more efficiently. With its installation, you can get all of the latest news from many famous providers to your site. More importantly, your members will get full contentwithin your site. They don’t have to navigate away to the source providers anymore because this module enables aggregating RSS feeds into your site. Especillay, Cronjob is also applied which helps your site automatically getting burning articles to constantly attract more members.

Video Channel 4.01 –

  • Video Channel brings users the ability to collect videos from YouTube channels and gather those videos into their own channels on phpFox sites. This module separates and differs from phpFox Video module. With Video Channel, users can enjoy many YouTube videos, add them to their favorite list, comment on them and even rate those videos right on their phpFox sites.

Chat 4.01

  • Addition to the original idea of chatting, Social Chat also lets users enhancing their conversations by sharing photos, links; and especially emoting to others with numerous emoticons. With a full set of smileys, there is always a right one for every mood!

Social Ads 4.01 –

  • In the business plan of almost websites, advertising is mostly a mandatory part of revenue stream or monetization strategy when the userbase reaches a particular threshold. From this point of view, Social Ads comes out as a complete and headache-free solution for you to execute this important strategy of your business.

Resume 4.01 –

  • Resume is a module which will turn your site into the contact point between employers and employees.

Coupon 4.01 –

  • Coupon is an effective assistance for your members who are doing trading. Whenever they would like to run a promotion, simply go to your site and create a coupon. This coupon will give out code for other people to get discount from them.

Document 4.01 –

  • Document plugin includes many features that help users manage their documents easily. Most document types (.pdf, .docx, .pptx, .xls, etc…) can be uploaded and shared among network members. In addition, published documents can be viewed directly online without using any additonal reading plugin / software. On-page action feature allows site admin to edit / delete / set feature to members’ documents in just a click. Additionally, statistic block helps promote site by highlighting total views, total likes, and total documents.

Job Posting 4.01 –

  • Job Posting allows you to run and manage a job board in your social network. This module creates a professional environment for your members to do business. In other words, Job Posting not only enables your members to promote their businesses but also offers job opportunities for your community. With Job Posting, your site will earn reputation by providing quality jobs and attract more users to join. For your benefit, the module enables you to charge your members and earn nice addition income by providing some functions: feature or sponsor a job post, and add packages with different cost and duration to post jobs.

Profile Popup 4.01 – 

  • With Profile Popup, a small box will be displayed to show detailed information whenever users hovering mouse over a member’s name, a page’s name or an event’s name. Admin of the site can completely and easily manage the pop-up content in Back End.

Petition 4.01 –

  • Make your voice heard by thousands of people around the world with our Petition module. This module not only allows you to create petition targeting decision makers all over the world, but also allows you to connect with other concerned individuals in support of a single cause. By creating your own petition, you can create a single point of action for anyone who might be interested in joining your campaign and would like to make a difference for a healthier, safer, and more equitable community.

Getting Started 4.01 –

  • Getting Started allows you to give your users all helpful guides to use your website, include:

    • To-do List: allow admin to design recommended steps to help members get familiar with the website.
    • Knowledge Base: admin can highlights information about features, modules on website to address users’ needs quickly and efficiently.

Fund Raising 4.01 –

  • This is a module which will give your site members a hand in financial aspect. If your members are nursing big ideas but have to give up because of shortage of expense, with Fund Raising being installed, your site will be their savior.

Feedback 4.01 –

  • Feedback plugin is a great tool to increase the interaction between users and your site. This plugin empowers users to voice out their opinions to help site admin to improve site content magnificently. Also, easy-to-use feedback features allow users to effectively manage their feedbacks and other members’ feedbacks.

Contest 4.01 –

  • Contest is a module which allows your members to compete with each others in Blog, Music, Photo and Video contests. Each time creating a contest, contest owner can completely himself define the rules as well as the award to attract other members to take part in. Promote Contest is also a worth feature. It will generate a code to embed the contest to other external websites. That is to say, more people will know about your site via the contest and as a result, the traffic will be increased. However, this has not been the best feature yet. By installing Contest, you are completely able to make a little profit from its operation. Beside Publishing Fee is a compulsory one, Feature; Premium and Ending Soon are other kinds of fee that members have to pay to you if they would like their contests to be more attractive to other members. 

Bookmark Me 4.01

  • Bookmark Me is a tool that allows users to quickly snap all the available images from other pages or even from other sites and import  them back to phpfox based social network. With Bookmark Me, you can create an album and import all photos from current site onto your phpfox site. All actions take place on the site you’re currently on without having to redirect to your phpfox site. Isn’t it great? Not only that, you can also create event or listing using photo(s) you captured from other site. Another great thing is that it supports both advanced and default phpfox modules.

Blog Importer 4.01 –

  • Blog Importer plugin allows your user to import blog posts from leading blog services (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) under XML file or blog service account to your phpFox site. In addition, it is a tool to export posts from your phpFox site into xml files to import to other blog services.


Social Bridge 4.01p1

  • Improvement to support Social Publisher

Social Publisher 4.01p1 –

  • Improvement to support posting images on Twitter

Fox Mobile Application 4.02 –

  • Improvements to support Settings, YouNet Social Chat, CometChat
  • Fix translation bug and setting of User Group



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