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[V4] - Social Store


With the rise of Electronic Commerce and Social Media, there’s been a major push towards Social Commerce, where social networks are changing themselves to offer a way to earn, including a more convenient online shopping and selling experience. Our Store helps you to manage your own Social Commerce marketplace, where people come to buy and sell in a social way. We support shoppers find anything they need. We help retailers/merchants build their own Store, list their goods even they are planning to sell physical or downloadable items.

We also provide you solutions making profit from the site, since you are supported to charge sellers a fee for opening stores as well as get commission amount on each transaction.

Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.7.x



Key features

  • Compatible with our Responsive templates
  • Beautiful layout design
  • Integrate with Activity Notification System, Social Publisher, Suggestion And RecommendationUser Profile, Advanced PhotosPages and Advanced Payment Gateways
  • Sellers:
    • Buy a package subscription to open Store. There are many levels of package created by admin to buy.
    • Own one or more Stores and self manage their Store
    • Sell many kinds of goods in Stores. Physical or Digital (downloadable) products can be listed
    • Inventory control such as keep track of the stock that is already to be sold and classify Products by their properties/attributes
    • Keep track of sales and profits based on both Stores and Products as well as manage invoices
    • Supported selling discount items
    • Promote their stores and products using Highlight, Promote, Sharing feature. We also support many kinds of blocks in order to pin good Stores and good Products in the Homepage
    • Have their own Store’s FAQ page
  • Buyers
    • Browse and find products starting by a Homepage with a best search engine and filters
    • Browse Stores and View Product in details. Like and Share them. Review and Rating also.
    • Inheriting all functions from E-Commerce, the Cart, the Checkout process and the Invoice management are simplified and in a professional way.
    • Add product into wishlist and card as well as add Store into favorite and following list
    • Compare multi-chosen Product/Stores by many criteria
  • Administrators
    • As usual, configure how many items to be shown on each block as well as settle capabilities and restrictions on each user level
    • Manage Stores, manage Products and manage Orders, update their status
    • Manage Categories which are supported group of custom fields
    • Manage transactions
    • Setup Packages and Subscription plans
    • Mass actions to manage Products/Stores

Front End

  • Browse Stores
    • Blocks: Categories, Recently Viewed Items, Featured Items, Weekly Hot Selling, New Arrivals, Super Deals, Products Bought By Friends, Most Liked
    • Show all products, support sorting by: Newest, A-Z, Z-A, Most Liked, Most Viewed, Most Purchased, Highest Discount rate; support Search by name, support Advanced Search; Filter by time and category
    • 2 view modes: Listview, Gridview
  • Browse Products
    • Blocks: Weekly Hot sellers, Most Following, New stores, Most Liked, Recently viewed items (Product), Super Deals (Product)
    • Show all store, support sorting by Newest (default), A-Z, Z-A, Most Liked, Most Following; Filter by time, category; Search store by name, support Advanced Search
    • View modes: Grid view, List view
  • Store’s Home
    • Blocks: Super Deals of store, You May Like In Store, Hot Selling, New Products, Featured Product
    • Like, Share, Follow, Favorite, Embed Code included as usual
    • Customers actions: Message owner, Get Direction by Map
    • Owner actions: Feature Store, Delete Store, Close Store, Go Dashboard. Owners are individually have their Return Policy, Buyer Protection and rules for Shipping & Payment on their Store
    • Contents: Overview, Newfeeds, Rating & Reviews, Products, Photos, Videos, About us, Shipping and Payment, Return Policy, Buyer Protection, FAQ
    • Tab Products: Show listing of products and sort them by: Number of buy, Time and Price. We support filter by Category and Time period as well
    • Different style and changeable themes for Store’s Home
  • Product in details
    • Blocks: (other) Products from this seller, Related Products (based on category), Your friends who bought this (enable/disable)
    • Contents: Product information (the name, seller/store, location, #orders, creating time, Rating & Reviews
    • Illustrator images with zoom effect on hover
    • Usual actions: Print, Share, Like, Comment, Get Embed code
    • Customers/Buyers can: Review & Rate, Buy now, Add To Cart,  Add To Wishlist, Message Seller
    • Owner can: Publish if product is draft, Close if product is public, Reopen if product is closed, Delete, Manage ProductCannot buy their own products
    • If Product is temporarily closed, support leaving mail for subscription
  • Compare Products and Compare Stores
    • Conveniently add to compare stores, products at anywhere
    • Compare products in same category
    • Comparison criteria are based on how admin set at back-end
  • Checkout
    • Inheriting the functionality form [V4] Ecommerce, the processes of Shopping Cart, Checkout and Invoice Management are standardized and simplified
  • Seller Section
    • Open and manage their Stores, list products onto Stores, take the sale statistic and control inventory
    • My Store: lists all stores of current logged on user. There owners can easily go to Publish, Feature, Edit, Close, Delete as well start to manage Store in the Dashboard page 
    • Dashboard page:
      • Insight: displays information and statistic of Store (including number of Like, Share, Order, Package and Transactions). Virtual chart shows state of Sale by month or year
      • Edit Store overview: Description, Address, Store policies, Contact, etc
      • Manage Photos
      • Manage Package: package information, subscription time remaining and alert setting
      • Manage Products: create and manage products of Store
    • Money Request
    • All Sales: to manage Invoices
  • Buyer Section
    • My Cart: Cart is separated to many sections, each corresponding to a store. We allow shoppers checking out all products despite their Store as well as check out 
    • My Orders
    • My Wishlist
  • Favorite Stores: allow to add stores to Favorite Stores list and allow remove items from the list
  • Following Stores: follow a Store to get notification if any update
  • Rating and Review: support 5-star rating and review system on both Store and Product

Back End

  • App Settings
    • To configure how many items to be shown on each block
    • To setup the set of global restrictions and parameters
  • Manage Stores
    • To manage all Stores existing in the system: Approve, Deny, Edit, Delete, Close/Reopen and Feature them
    • Filter and Search are supported
  • Manage Products
    • To manage all Products existing in the system: Approve, Deny, Edit, Delete, Close/Reopen and Feature them
    • Filter and Search are supported
  • Manage Transactions
    • To summarize all transaction between seller and Admin Account
  • Manage Orders, Manage Requests: This is belongs to E-commerce module, to manage all selling activities have occurred through the site
  • Manage Packages 
    • To create and adjust subscription plans for sellers to open Store
  • Manage Category and Custom field groups
    • Category and Custom field groups settings are applied from E-commerce module
  • Manage Comparison
    • To add/remove comparing factors
  • Unit Of Measure
    • We support creating and managing multi units of measure system. This section belongs to E-commerce too.

Question 1: Are there any instructions on submitting an PayPal application for Social Store to transfer money simultaneously for both of seller and admin account detailed commission?

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Question 2: Where to track orders of seller and buyer?

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Question 3:What Payment Gateways does Social Store support? 

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Question 4: 

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  • Supported Browser

    IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

    Support System

    Installation Guide

    After purchase our product, an email will be sent to you immediately in which an installation guide is included to instruct you on how to install the product. If you purchase product with installation option, please submit ticket in the Client Area with FTP, site URL, and Site Admin account for us to install.

    Refund & support policy

    Support Time Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, GMT+7

    Notice: For some reasons [email problem] that you do not receive email from us for product information, please contact us at info [at]
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