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[V4] - Fund Raising


(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is:

This is a module which will give your site members a hand in the financial aspect. If your members are nursing big ideas but have to give up because of a shortage of expense, with Fund Raising being installed, your site will be their savior.

By creating campaign via Fund Raising, your members can give out detailed information about the ideas they have or the projects they are working on as well as the expenses they are in need then appeal other people to raise fund.

Being a module which has similar traits to Donation in purpose, Fund Raising has significant innovations in feature and interface. With Fund Raising, donors now will know exactly the reason of donating, whom they donate to, etc. Especially, campaigns are now not only known site wide but also extended to another website. Each campaign now has a source code to form an advertising block to embed to other external websites. This will bring your members’ campaigns to more people. The more people know, the more money they can raise, the more popular your site will be.

Best compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.0
Product version: 4.02p2


Key Features

  • Support Hashtag
  • Create campaigns to appeal other people to donate for projects or charity events
  • Promote Feature: each campaign has a code to embed to another external website
  • Allow guests to donate under anonymous
  • Registered members donating under anonymous will be left no personal information
  • Payment Gateway supported: PayPal
  • Invite friends to donate: friends on the phpFox site and other friends via email addresses.
  • Addthis feature to share the campaigns on other social networks
  • Integrate with Affiliate app
  • Support multiple levels category

Front End

  • All Campaigns:  
    • List out all campaigns on the community
    • Users can browse campaigns by categories or search campaigns
    • A lot of attractive blocks:
      • Featured campaigns: view on slider
      • Statistics: report the number of ongoing campaigns, campaigns which reached the goals, expired campaigns and closed campaigns
      • Most donated campaigns
      • Most liked campaigns
      • Latest campaigns
      • Highlight campaign: this block shows only one campaign which is being highlighted. Users can donate to this campaign directly without going to the campaign detail
      • Top donors
  • My Campaigns: 
    • List out all campaigns created by the viewer
    • For each campaign, owner can perform some actions such as edit (if save as draft), email to all donors, view statistics, close campaign
  • Friends’ Campaigns: List out all campaigns created by friends of this viewer
  • Pending Campaigns: List of campaigns that are waiting for admin’s approval
  • My Donated Campaigns: List out all campaigns which were donated by this viewer
  • Featured Campaigns: List of campaigns that are being featured
  • Reached Campaigns: List out all campaigns that reached their goals
  • Expired Campaigns: List out all campaigns that were out of date
  • Closed Campaigns: List out all campaigns that were closed
  • Categories to classify campaigns
  • Create a campaign
    • Main Info
      • Select Category: Choose a category and sub-category (if existed) to classify the campaign.
      • Campaign Name: enter campaign name.
      • Short Description: give a brief introduction about the campaign.
      • Main Description: give detailed information about the campaign.
      • Your PayPal email account: type in your PayPal account to receive money from donors.
      • Goal of Campaign (Financial Goal): define the amount of money you need
      • Currency: choose a currency
      • Expired Date: how long the campaign will last or it can be set to unlimited.
      • List predefined: create buttons which equal specific amount of money. Donors will press these buttons to donate instead of typing in the money.
      • Minimum Donation Amount: the lowest amount of money donors can donate
      • Location/Revenue: choose the place the campaign will be taken place.
      • Google Map: choose the exact location.
      • Set campaign’s privacy: who can see, who can leave comments and who can donate.
    • Gallery: Upload photos and insert YouTube link to make the campaign livelier as well as raise belief in donors
    • Contact Information: Give contact information of the campaign’s owner
    • Email and Condition: 
      • Create an email template to send to donors
      • Create Term of Condition which donors have to accept before donating
    • Invite Friends: 
      • Invite friends to the community to donate
      • Invite other friends via Email to donate
  • View a campaign
    • View all information about campaign such as description, location, category, etc
    • View all donors of this campaign
    • Campaign owner can add as many news as he/she wants to inform the status of the campaign. Viewer can view news under News tab
    • View the statistics of the campaign such as goal and total amount, the number of donors/likes/views and time left. 
    • Viewers can donate to the campaign under their names or donate as anonymous
    • Viewer can perform some action on the campaign such as like, comment, share, invite friends, promote campaign as well as share this campaign to other sites via AddThis feature
  • Integrate with Social Publisher
  • Integrate with User Profile
  • Integrate with Page

Back End

  • Manage Categories: 
    • List out all the categories. Admin can drag and drop to reorder them
  • Add New Category: 
    • Add more categories/sub-categories 
  • Statistics:
    • List out all the campaigns and their information: campaign name, status, owner, donor, transaction ID, amount and date
  • Manage Email Template:
    • Configure the email templates which will be automatically sent to members
  • Manage Campaigns: 
    • List out all the campaigns on the community and their information such as: status; is a featured campaign or not, highlight, created by, expired date, fundraising goal, raised
    • Admin can perform actions on each campaign such as view campaign, edit campaign, view the statistics, feature / un-featured the campaign, highlight the campaign, active this campaign or not
    • Can search campaigns by some criteria
  • Manage Settings:
    • Configure some general setting such as the format of currency, number of items will be shown on each block, etc
  • Manage Donation Payment: since the default gateway of phpFox allow only site admin to be the receiver of all payments, the Manage Donation Payment will help us to allow campaign owners to receive the donation payment directly from donors. 
    • If Paypal gateway is active, then user is able to donate to the campaign and campaign owner will receive the donation
    • If Paypal gateway is inactive, the user is not able to donate to the campaign
  • Manage User Groups: 
    • Configure privacy for a specific users group.

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