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[V4] - Discount/Coupon System


(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is

Coupon is an effective assistance for your members who are doing trading. Whenever they would like to run a promotion, simply go to your site and create a coupon. This coupon will give out the code for other people to get a discount from them.

Coupon not only makes your site traffic increased but also give you profit. Whenever your members would like to publish or make a coupon featured, a small fee will go straight to your account.

What could be more interesting?

Best compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.0
Product version: 


Key Feature

  • Allow users to create coupons for their business
  • Users can claim coupon and print the coupon code to use later
  • Admin can earn money from the publishing fee and featuring fee
  • Users can manage their coupons such as edit / delete / pause / stop / close and view statistic 
  • Support custom field
  • Support CDN
  • Support multi-currency
  • Integrate with Affiliate app

Front End

  • All Coupons
    • Featured coupons are shown in slideshow 
    • Many blocks to classify coupons: Most Claimed, Most Commented, Latest Coupon, Most Popular, Most Liked, Categories
    • Allow member to search for a coupon by keyword, category, city, and country. System will load the list of states automatically if the country has many states
  • My Coupons
    • List out coupons created by the viewer
    • For each coupon, owner can perform many actions such as edit, delete, publish, feature / un-featured,  close, pause coupon or view the statistics
  • Friends’ Coupons. 
    • List out coupons created by friends of current logging in user
  • Pending Coupons
    • List out coupons that are waiting for approval
    • For each coupon, admin of the site can perform some actions such as feature / un-featured the coupon, approve or deny the coupon as well as view the statistics
  • My Claim Coupons
    • List out coupons which the viewer has claimed. 
  • My Favorite Coupons
    • List out coupons which the viewer has favorited
  • My Following Coupons
    • List out coupons which the viewer has followed
  • Featured Coupons
    • List out coupons that were set as featured by admin
  • Upcoming Coupons
    • List out coupons that will be on sale soon in the future
  • Ending soon Coupons
    • List out coupons that are nearly over
  • FAQs
    • Questions and answer created by admin to guide members on how to use Coupon
  • Create a new coupon
    • Can add much basic information for coupon such as coupon name, category, site URL, description (support hashtag), image, quantity, term and condition and privacy.
    • Add date for the coupon:
      • Start Date: the time this coupon will be shown on the listing
      • End Date: the time this coupon will be hidden on the listing 
      • Expired Date: the valid time to use this coupon 
    • Add price for the coupon
    • Discount: Members are able to choose discount by percentage or by price
    • Location Venue: the place this coupon can be used
    • Coupon Code:
      • Buyers must give out this code at the Location Venue to receive a discount from the vendor.
      • Owner can manually create this code or let the system create it automatically
    • Select the layout of coupon from the existed list
    • Can turn on/off the map
    • Add custom fields’ information
    • Publishing fee and feature fee: 
      • By default, one coupon must pay a fee of publishing then it becomes visible to other members.
      • You can optionally choose to pay for one more fee called: Feature Fee. If you pay for this fee, your coupon will be made featured by admin.
      • Admin can configure fee in Back End. Each member level has to pay a different amount of fee
  • View a coupon
    • View all information of coupon as well as custom fields
    • Users can like, share or write the comments
    • If the coupon is in the valid period, viewers can claim the coupon
    • If the quantity of coupon is 0, viewers cannot claim the coupon anymore
    • If user already claimed the coupon, the code of this coupon will be shown for this user and he/she can print the coupon code
    • Owner can perform some action on coupon such as edit, delete, publish, feature / un-featured,  close, pause coupon or view the statistics
    • Admin can approve/deny the coupon
    • Currency of Coupon will be changed according to currency of site
  • Integrate with Social Publisher
  • Integrate with Page
  • Integrate with User Profile
  • Integrate with Business

Back End


1. Why is there no menu item in Action menu for Edit?

-> Answer

2. Is it possible to enable to buy with activity points feature like it works for the main PHPFox site?

-> Answer

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