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Newsletter: April – 2016

May 11, 2016 | 1645 Views

Well, we don’t know about you but we’re very glad to be bidding Winter farewell for another year. Spring is around the corner and little tell-tale signs are appearing everywhere. The bitterly cold days are becoming fewer, the sun is beginning to peek out of the clouds a little more often and the birds are beginning to sing. You can almost feel the anticipation amongst all of these beautiful creation.

Spring is bringing many exciting things our way too, specially the newest releases and updates in April:


Arcade Game 4.01 –

  • Nowadays simple and easy-to-play games are very popular, users can relax quickly, simply and efficiently at anytime with many kinds of games that are suitable for everyone. Understand the needs of users as well as our desire to improve user interaction on your site, Arcade Games app is created for users to play games, friendly user interface together with large amount and a big variety of games, fetched from 11 famous game providers. Users can manage their games, invite or share with their friends via many social networks. Let your site be more friendly and engaged!



Social Media Importer 3.03p3 –

  • Compatible with Face Book API v2.5
  • Replace global variables to specific name
  • Fix bugs
    • Setting “The number of photos” works incorrectly when click on “View More” in the first time
    • Setting “Maximum number of photos” does not apply to Front-end
    • Username has non-Latin characters 

Job Posting 3.03p2 –

  • Support Advanced Payment Gateway module
  • Fix bugs
    • Phrase error after add custom field
    • Phrase of ACP setting of sub-categories is translated incorrectly
    • Managing Company – Sub menus are overlapped under Nebula theme
    • Instructions to install module isn’t correct
    • When posting job in business, breadcrumb disappears if company is changed
    • Have warnings when adding custom fields

Advanced Payment Gateway 3.01p1 –

  • Improvement for CCBill Gateway
  • Support GoPay gateway

Discount/Coupon 3.04p2 –

  • All Coupons page – Add warning message if there is no coupon in this page
  • Improve the description of some settings in Manage User Settings page
  • Fix bugs
    • Searching for valid coupons works incorrectly
    • CSS file no longer existing is still included in script

Business Page 3.02p1 –

  • Now support 24h format and 12-AM/PM format on hour of operation
  • Business you may like – Change the title to be “Recommended Businesses”
  • Fix Bugs:
    • Package name can’t be translated
    • Improve the description of some settings in Manage User Settings page
    • Migration: No entries on wall of business are migrated
    • Migration: Not migrate language phrases of category titles
    • Migration: Migration progress is stopped when migrated package is deleted
    • Can not search businesses with sub-category
    • Can not translate phrase of “Update business” button
    • Info of category shows incorrectly when business belongs to 2 or more subcategories of a category
    • Can’t edit business when site enabled “url_rewrite” mode and the “301 redirect if missing trailing slash” option in .htaccess file
    • Business Details – Can’t scroll down on mobile when getting on maps

Donation 3.03p14

  • Remove redundant files
  • Fix bug about Setting “Maximum donation button image file size” works incorrectly

Suggestion 3.04p3 –

  • Support Advanced Marketplace module
  • Remove some empty image folder in package and redundant files
  • Fix bug on Friend’s suggestion & My suggestion working wrong 
  • Show notice undefined when enable debug mode

Regarding to the compatible check of our V4 apps with phpFox 4.3.2, we are still in the progress. We will inform you as soon as possible when they are ready.

For more updates and releases, please stay tuned with our Blog.

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