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Business Directory now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View

The booming of Social Network has created a trend in online advertising. Many businesses now look at niche social network for opportunities. Nothing can kick off a business faster than community reviews.  Members of a niche social network tend to trust each other judgement and they will recommend products/services to other members if they thinks those products/services are good enough, thus potentially creates an exponential growth for businesses. When business grows, more people will know about your social network. So, as a social network owner, how do you help businesses grow? The answer lies within Business Directory

Business Directory provides Yelp-like features for niche social network. Members can create a business or claim a business created by other members. Members are able to review and rate any business that they have experienced with. “Brochure” feature allows members to print all info about a business on paper. Check-ins feature is also supported. In addition, Business Directory supports integration from various modules such as Photo, Video, Job Posting, Marketplace, Advanced Payment etc.

Best compatibility: phpFox 3.7.x – 3.9.x
Product version: 3.02p1

License key:
This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found in your Client Area.

Knowledge Base



  • Support 24h format and 12-AM/PM format on hour of operation
  • “Business You May Like” – Change the title to be “Recommended Businesses”

Key Features

  • Members can create their own business or create business for others to claim
  • Rate and Review
    • Users can rate up to 5 stars (the more stars the better)
    • Users can only review once
  • Print/Download as Pdf file Business detail page
  • “Work here” option allows members to claim which business that they work for
  • Check-ins is supported
  • Transfer Owner
  • Business Comparison
  • Favorite a business / Follow a business
  • Integration from other modules: 
  • Allow site admin to import businesses from Business of phpFoxMods to Business Directory of YouNet


  • Browse Page
    • Display all businesses
    • Search box allows users to search for business quickly
    • Various blocks that provide useful info about businesses
    • 4 view modes supported
    • Subscription option sends email to subscribers when there’s new update
    • Member can quickly access their favorite and followed businesses.
  • Create New Business
    • 2 types of business : personal and claiming purpose
    • Package option appears on the first page
    • Several theme to choose from
    • Category tied custom fields appear when users select certain category
    • Preview option allows member to preview everything they enter
  • Claim a Business
    • Users can claim ownership of a business provided that business doesn’t have an owner
    • A claim request must be approved by administrator
  • Business Detail
    • Provide comprehensive detail of a business
    • Map section provides location detail of a business
    • Check-ins option allows member to check in a business
    • Announcement block displays announcement published by business administrator
    • Support YouNet Mobile View and Responsive Template
    • Business is integrated with various modules
    • Any update from integrated modules will be published on right column
    • User can share/follow/favorite/compare/promote/report a business
    • Support 24h format and 12-AM/PM format on hour of operation
  • Manage Business
    • Business owner can edit info of his business after it’s published
    • Owner can manage his own page. Select which page to be the main page
    • Owner can add more content pages 
    • Business owner can revise role of members on his page
    • Owner can manage announcement that appears on his page
    • Manage Modules allows owner to add content to his page such as photo, video, coupon, job etc.
    • Mange theme allows owner to change theme of his page.
    • Owner can change business package anytime.


  • Admin can add new business category
  • Admin can add new custom fields and bind them to a category
  • Add/Manage package
  • Manage business
  • Manage business creator: allow only certain members to create business for claim
  • Manage comparison: what data can be compared
  • Manage transaction
  • Manage claim request
  • Email template
  • Global settings: general settings for business directory

Migration Tool : 

  • This feature enables site owners to transfer the data from PhpfoxMods Business Directory to YouNet Business Page. 
  • Migrate all existed businesses from phpFoxMods to YouNet Business Page module
  • For each business, data will be imported are:
    • Information
    • Custom fields
    • Locations
    • Photos / Albums
    • Events
    • Reviews and Rating
    • Followers
    • Categories and Sub-categories (support 2 level of categories)
    • Be Featured businesses or not
    • Feed of business (will be changed to activity)
  • These data/features will not be imported:
    • News
    • Document
    • Auction
    • Admins





1. How do I claim a Business?

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2. I can’t create business for claiming

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3. How to rate a business without writing review?

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