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[V4] – Web Push Notification


Web Push Notifications allow users to receive messages instantly from your website even when users are away from it. Using the power of Google Firebase, this app can help you increase engagement of your network by notifying them about their interactions, friend requests and more on their desktop. You can also create your own message and send it to targeted receivers or scheduled to achieve max engagement.

With this app, you will have the ability to send unlimited push notifications with no extra hosting cost. Moreover, we make it simple! You will find it easy to learn using this app. And we sure that we will love it as much as we do.

Browser compatibility:

  • Chrome: 50+
  • Firefox: 44+
  • Opera Mobile: 37+

Operation compatibility:

  • OSX, Windows, and Android (from Android 6.0 and above)

Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x
Product Version: 4.01

Notice: After installing the app, you have to config FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) for this app to work.

Highlight features:

  • Integrated with PHPFox Notifications: Users can get a push notification whenever there is a new notification update for them in your community.
  • Real-time, Instant Push Notifications: Without visiting your website, users will get to know about friend requests, notifications, etc. as soon as the action happens.
  • Custom, Personalized Notifications: You can send notification yourself. Customize notification with image, title, and message of your choice and send it to users. Redirect subscribers to a URL of your website or an external page by adding a link to your notification.
  • Targeted, Meaningful Notifications: Send custom notifications in a targeted manner to users based on a user group, gender, country, city, IP address, province and more.
  • Schedule Your Notifications: Sending push notifications at a time when your users are most active will increase a chance of getting more traffic. This app will allow you to schedule your notifications to be sent at a date and time of your choice.
  • Supports Multiple Browsers: This plugin supports all major web browsers: Chrome: 50+, Mozilla: 44+ and Opera Mobile: 37+
  • Mobile Compatible: Works perfectly with mobile browsers, thus enabling you to build your user-base and engage them across mobiles and tablets too.
  • Manage Subscribers: You can manage all subscribers of your website, can view which browsers they are subscribing and send a notification to them.
  • Send Unlimited Notifications: This plugin enables sending unlimited push notifications.
  • Custom Notifications Delivery Status and Re-sending: You can check the delivery status of custom notifications and can even re-send notifications to subscribed users.You can also stop notification that has not yet finished.


For Users (Front End)

Allow website to send Push Notification

  • Website will show a small banner at the bottom of the site for users to allow website to send web push notification
  • Once allowing web push notification, users can receive both system notifications and admin’s notification as web push notification
  • Admin’s notification can be sent to users as site’s notification
  • Users can select whether or not to receive admin’s notification by setting option “Subscribe” on/off in Push Notification Settings/Subscription Settings

Push Notifications

  • Users can select which system notifications to be shown as web push notification

Subscription Settings

  • Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to receive notifications from admin


For Admin (Back End)


  • Set Notification Expiration Time: Admin can set up the time period for the notification to expire
  • Settings for the request banner such as the text on the banner, the max skip to make the banner stop showing, the time for the banner to reappear…
  • Config FCM settings: admin has to provide Project Server Key and FCM Auth Code Snippet that are taken from Google Firebase

Send Push Notifications

  • Admin can create a push notification and send to subscribers
  • Admin can send to all subscribers or target a specific group of subscribers based on User Groups, Browsers or filter from the subscriber list
  • Admin can customize Notification Title, Message, Icon, Photo and Redirect URL for push notification
  • Admin can send the notification immediately or schedule a time to send it

Manage Notifications

  • The list of custom notifications will be shown on this page. Here admin can resend notification, delete notifications or stop sending notifications

Manage Subscribers

  • The list of subscribers (logged users only) will be shown on this page
  • Admin can filter subscribers and send notifications to filtered results
  • Admin can send to all subscribers on this list
  • Admin has mass action: Send Selected

Manage Templates

  • Admin can view a list of templates
  • Admin can view the details of each template and edit template’s details, as well as delete template and create a notification using this template
  • Admin can create new templates

Question 1: What is configuring FCM Settings? How can I do that?

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Question 2: I cannot see notifications while I’m visiting the website. Why does it happen?

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