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[V4] - Social Chat


(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is

By definition, social networking sites are the websites which provide the places for people interacting with others; and interaction seems to be meaningless without communication. Therefore, chat function plays a very important role on every social networking site. Clearly understanding the demand, we have developed Social Chat to provide all users a new way to communicate with their friends in real-time.

Addition to the original idea of chatting, Social Chat also lets users enhancing their conversations by sharing photos, links; and especially emoting to others with numerous emoticons. With a full set of smileys, there is always a right one for every mood!

Furthermore, from the point of view of avoiding conflict, it is always better to have the Message History feature which is already included in Social Chat to enable users to access their message history and retrieve the past conversations. And from the moderator perspective, Social Chat provides admins the ability to define Word Filter / Word Ban, which will give a hand in helping your community become healthier.

Best compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.0
Product version: 



  • Should not use this module on shared host server
  • Incompatible with Windows Server
  • Port 9009 needs to be opened in order for Social Chat to be functional
  • PHP 5.4 (or higher) is required. 
  • NOT support SSL from AWS


  • Add unread number on OCN
  • Add cron job to update online status of users

Key Features

  • Enhancing conversations:
    • sharing photos
    • sharing links
    • sharing files
    • full set of emoticons
  • Avatar integration – better identifying your friends
  • Message History – avoiding conflict between members / retrieving conversations
  • Chat content moderation – Word Filter / Word Ban – make your community healthier
  • Placement and Position customization
  • Attractive popup chat – browse and chat simultaneously
  • Sound notification
  • Support Drag and drop files/photos into chat window
  • Advanced settings – user can turn on/turn off chat for some specific friends
  • Block list – block / unblock members at your own discretion
  • Users can see which of their friends or site users are currently online and can start chatting immediately

Front – End

  • Chat box is located at the low right corner of the screen
  • Go online/offline by simply clicking on “gear” icon
  • Link, file,video,image, emoticon and sticker available on chat option bar
  • Chat box can be collapsed/expanded
  • Message history for easy tracking
  • Facebook style layout
  • Different icons for web/mobile users

Back – End

  • Word filter/ban setting 
  • Placement and position settings: 2 positions are available: left – right 
  • Message history settings : Allow admin to set how many days will old message be deleted
  • Sticker settings : custom stickers can be added by administrator
  • Friend List setting: Admin can configure how many friends will show up in friend list

1. How to start chatting?

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2. How to turn chat on or off?

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3. How do I close or minimize a chat window?

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