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[V4] - Getting Started


(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is:

Getting Started allows you to give your users all helpful guides to use your website, include:

  • To-do List: allow admin to design recommended steps to help members get familiar with the website.
  • Knowledge Base: admin can highlights information about features, modules on website to address users’ needs quickly and efficiently.

Best compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.0
Product version: 4.02p1


Key Features

  • Support multiple languages for both To-do List and Knowledge Base to help members who live in many countries 
  • Related articles: when user views an articles on a category, system will show all articles of this category 
  • Highlight search terms: when you enter your keyword for searching, system  will highlight matching results so that you don’t have to waste time hunting them down 
  • Provide the place where users can easily get website’s ideas, features, rules, etc
  • Allow Admin to setup time period and reminder emails to inactive members
  • Show first-time member a list of what should be done after signed up
  • Allow Admin to manage Knowledge Base articles, Reminder emails, To-do List in Admin Control Panel

Front End

  • Display To-Do-List to first-time users
  • List Knowledge Base articles
  • Block “Featured Articles” 
  • Automatically send reminder emails to users

Back End

  • Mange User Groups
    • Enable / Disable users’ comments on articles
  • Manage Settings
    • Enable / Disable Knowledge Base
    • Define email quantity to be sent in one time
    • Enable / Disable Email Reminder
    • Define article quantity to be displayed on Browse Articles page
    • Define article quantity for each category
  • Add Email
    • Add a new reminder email
    • Configure supported modules and events
      • Register: Welcome email will be sent after user signed up
      • Log out: Reminder email will be sent when user has not logged in for a “Reminder Time”(*) period
      • Blog: Reminder email will be sent when user has not posted an entry for a “Reminder Time” period
      • Video: Reminder email will be sent when user has not posted a video for a “Reminder Time” period
      • Photo: Reminder email will be sent when user has not posted a photo for a “Reminder Time” period
      • Poll: Reminder email will be sent when user has not posted a poll for a “Reminder Time” period
    • (*) Reminder Time: Admin set a certain period
  • Manage Emails
    • Search reminder emails
    • View / Edit / Delete Reminder emails
  • Add Article Category
    • Add more categories to classify articles
  • Manage Article Categories
    • View / Add / Edit / Delete Article Categories
    • Support sub-categories
    • Ability to sort categories in BackEnd
  • Add Article
    • Add a new Knowledge-Base article
  • Manage Articles
    • Search Knowledge-Base articles
    • View / Edit / Delete Knowledge-Base articles
  • Add To-do List
    •  Add a new To-do List
  • Manage To-do Lists
    • View / Edit / Delete To-do lists
    • Able to change the order of steps in To-Do List


1. Does this module support to remind user if they logged out for a long time?

-> Answer

2. It is possible to support multi-languages for articles

-> Answer

3. What is To-do-Lists feature?

-> Answer

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