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[V4] - Feedback


(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is:

Feedback plugin is a great tool to increase the interaction between users and your site. This plugin empowers users to voice out their opinions to help site admin to improve site content magnificently. Also, easy-to-use feedback features allow users to effectively manage their feedbacks and other members’ feedbacks.

Best compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.0
Product version: 4.02p3


Key Features

  • Increase the interaction between users and your phpFox site by feedback and responses
  • Allow guest to post feedback to the site
  • View feedback detail and the response from admin
  • Like, comment, share, vote and report feedback
  • Many configurations in Admin Control Panel: Manage User Groups, Module Settings, Feedbacks, Categories, Statuses, Severities.
  • Support add feedback in Pages and Groups
  • Support Paginator
  • Support Addthis

Front End

  • Create new feedback
    • Both guests and registered users can post feedback and receive email when the created feedback is approved
    • Create feedback with some information: feedback title, description, category, severity, and visibility
    • Can view all feedbacks which are classified by categories. Users can go to Feedback forum as well
  • All feedback
    • View all feedback of the community
    • For each feedback, users can see the feedback information as well as the statistics of the feedback such as the number of votes, the number of views, comments, pictures. The severity of the feedback is displayed too.
    • If admin answered to the feedback, its status and the answer would be laid behind the severity
    • Can search feedback by name and filter all feedback by some criteria
    • Block:
      • Most voted feedback
      • Feedback statistics
  • My feedback
    • View all feedback created by the viewer
    • On each feedback, owner can perform some actions such as add pictures, edit, delete the feedback
    • Has message to inform the owner which one is pending for the approval
  • Friends’ feedback
    • View all feedback created by friends of this viewer
  • Pending feedback
    • View all pending feedback. Only admin can see this page and approve/delete the feedback
  • Feedback detail
    • View all information about the feedback such as title, description, category, photos, severity as well as its statistics
    • Vote for the feedback
    • See the status of feedback and the answer from admin
    • Share feedback via another social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
    • Perform some action on feedback such as like, comment, share and report the feedback. Feedback owner can add pictures, edit and delete the feedback
    • Marked icon “Featured” for the featured feedback

Back End

  • Manage User Groups
    • Control number of  pictures to be uploaded per feedback
    • Control file size of photos to be uploaded
    • Enable/disable uploading picture option to feedback
    • Control number of points to be received when users post a new feedback
    • Enable/disable posting comment option on Feedback Detail
  • Settings
    • Control if guests can create feedback
    • Define the thank-you message to users who leave feedback on site
    • Enable/disable Email Notification to visitors / guests
    • Enable/disable Email Notification to site admin for every new feedback 
    • Control time stamp for feedback
  • Manage Feedback
    • Admin can view all feedback and perform some actions on each feedback such as:
      • Resume/disable the vote on each feedback 
      • Feature/unfeatured feedback
      • Approve/delete feedback
      • Update the status of feedback and leave the answer
    • Search feedback by keywords, category, status, browse by
  • Categories
    • Create/edit/delete categories
  • Statuses
    • Create/edit/delete feedback statuses
  • Severities
    • Create/edit/delete feedback severities

Get It Now
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  • Supported Browser

    IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

    Support System

    Installation Guide

    After purchase our product, an email will be sent to you immediately in which an installation guide is included to instruct you on how to install the product. If you purchase product with installation option, please submit ticket in the Client Area with FTP, site URL, and Site Admin account for us to install.

    Refund & support policy

    Support Time Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, GMT+7

    Notice: For some reasons [email problem] that you do not receive email from us for product information, please contact us at info [at]
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