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Updates of YouNetCo Mobile App

December 27, 2018 | 1496 Views

Dear valued clients,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope that you are having great moments with your family and friends It truly marks a great end to 2018 with the official release of phpFox Mobile App from phpFox team. And we believe that you must download and try the app now! YouNetCo, as a leading expert on phpFox Developer Community, congratulates the team for your endeavors to bring us an impressive product. As it’s almost end of the year, we would like to sit down and talk about the future of YouNetCo Mobile App.

As you may know, YouNetCo also develops and provides our own phpFox Mobile app solution since 2014. We have been offering mobile build service and customization service for the YouNetCo mobile app on your community. Indeed, we always try our best to make sure we deliver the best mobile experience to you and your users.

However, with the release of phpFox’s mobile app, we realize something greater. If the core supports mobile app, it is easier to maintain and extend the application. Plus the better native performance can be quickly seen.  
Therefore, regarding YouNet’s mobile app, we hardly decided not to continue selling but keep maintaining for bug fixes and OS compatibility until Dec 31, 2019. However, we will no longer plan to add more additional features. We came to this decision for ours and also for your own good. As you now can take advantage of the latest technologies and constant upgrades with active development from the phpFox team. Therefore, for long-term goals, you should consider switching to phpFox’s mobile app. This guarantee the best mobile experience in term of performance and support.

On the other hands, one of the drawbacks of phpFox’s mobile app is that it currently doesn’t support 3rd-party products including YouNetCo’s products. As an alternative solution for this, YouNetCo is working closely with the phpFox team to become the preferred mobile developers. This means we are ready to integrate our phpFox products into the phpFox Mobile apps right after the integration solution is available. In particular, we are now ready for customization requests on phpFox mobile apps since we have competency in mobile development over the years.

Let us know your thought on the future of phpFox Mobile apps. Any feedback is welcomed. So we can improve or consider what is the next steps we should take according to your opinion.

Happy new year!

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