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Newsletter: July-2015

August 10, 2015 | 2043 Views

In northern hemisphere, July is usually the hottest month of the year when it is actually a winter time in southern hemisphere. It gets very cold in Antarctica and rainy in South America. Because there isn’t much rain in July, the grass loses its greenness but the abundance of flower occur. Therefore, to align with the speedy growth, here are our new releases of the past month:


YouNetCore 4.01

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

Social Bridge 4.01

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

Social Connect 4.01 –

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

Social Publisher 4.01 –

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

Social Media Importer 4.01 –

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

Contact Importer 4.01 –

  • Best Compatibility with phpFox Neutron

FoxLike 3.02p2 –

  • Improvement on auto selecting content when getting code
  • Fix the function that doesn’t work with https protocol

FoxFeeds Pro 3.05p3 –

  • Improvement on adding image field in editor
  • Support Social Share (AddThis) buttons in news details page
  • Fix the issue with TinyMCE

Mobile Application 3.09

  • New Features / Improvements:
    • Upgrade IONIC to latest version (1.0.0)
    • Upgrade CORDOVA latest version (5.0)
    • Support to configure “server” phrases dynamically and live update
    • Using “token” in order support phrase translation better
    • Support to change main color of app in server
    • Support to configure menu items of app from server
    • Ability to back to previous position on feeds
    • Display comments from oldest to newest as full site
    • Hide Language menu when having only 1 language
    • Add Reselect button on profile avatar and cover photo page
    • Support to phpFox setting to log in with username
    • Chat – Vibrate for new messages when app is active
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Can not send message to members as full site
    • Crash app when loading more many times and rotate on News feed
    • Can not get back to app when using “Watch On Youtube” option

By the way, we also would like to re-confirm with you that we are currently upgrading our modules/plugins to phpFox version 4 gradually; However, at this point, we cannot confirm on the exact date and time.

In addition to that, regarding to our published upgrading policy from V3 to V4, any payment made beyond June 4th 2014 for V3 version will have free update to V4 version; otherwise for licenses paid before June 3rd 2014, upgrading will be considered as new purchases.

We hope you enjoy August and the new releases of this month! Please stay tuned for more frequent updates and announcements. 


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