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[V4] - Gamification


Gamification, or community rewards, is the program to reward prizes to most loyal and contributive users on your community based on their activities in form of a game-like element. The app encourages users to join your community and engage in pre-defined actions to earn points. Users can use these earned points to exchange for special offers, coupons or vouchers in the Community Rewards list. Going hand in hand with Activity Point app, Gamification defines a whole new and innovative way to encourages users to get involved with the activities of the community and earn rewards for their contribution.

Product Version: 4.01p1

Compatible Version: phpFox 4.7.x

Demo Site:

Test user: – Pass: 123456



  • End User:

          – Can view:

               + Reward List (Home, Ongoing, Upcoming, Latest): This page lists out all on-going/upcoming/latest rewards which are waiting for users to redeem.

               + My Rewards: This page lists out all your redeemed rewards. You can manage and reference your rewards. 

               + Reward Detail: This page shows all info about the reward such as its photos, description, stock…

               + Service Providers: This page shows all info about the provider of the reward. 

          – Can manage:

               + Rewards of providers.

          – Can adjust settings to:

               + Allow the provider to view how many users redeemed the reward.

               + Allow provider to received rewards from user and mark as a used reward.

  • Admin can:

          – Create a new reward

          – Edit the reward

          – Close the reward


  • Settings

          – The number of days to Show rewards on Voucher Reminder / to Remind rewards that coming to expire / to Remind rewards that upcoming / to Remind missing points if the user gained points less than redeemed points of the reward

          – How many rewards will appear in:

               + Latest redeemed rewards block?

               + Reminder block?

               + Provider block?

               + Featured section?

          – Send notification to remind expiring vouchers?

  • User Group Settings

          – Can create reward?

          – Allow the provider to edit rewards?

          – Allow editing any reward?

          – Can delete reward?

          – Allow the provider to close the reward?

          – Can close any reward?

          – Allow the provider to redeem the reward?

          – Can redeem the reward?

          – Can feature the reward?

  • Manage Rewards & Categories
  • Transaction History


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    IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

    Support System

    Installation Guide

    After purchase our product, an email will be sent to you immediately in which an installation guide is included to instruct you on how to install the product. If you purchase product with installation option, please submit ticket in the Client Area with FTP, site URL, and Site Admin account for us to install.

    Refund & support policy

    Support Time Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, GMT+7

    Notice: For some reasons [email problem] that you do not receive email from us for product information, please contact us at info [at]
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