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[V4] - Backup and Restore


Your phpFox community isn’t really safe unless you have a solid backup plan. Many things could go wrong from hackers, server crashes, malware, user errors, accidentally deleted files, to bad commands… Keeping that in minds, we developed the Backup And Restore app and it will help your sites and content be considerably safer.

Backup And Restore is a complete phpFox backup module with automatic scheduling support. It allows you to easily create different backup schedules (every 4 hours, every 8 hours, every 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for your database and files; and store them in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, My SQL Database, SFTP Server, and even email them to specific email addresses.

Last but not least, restoring a phpFox community from backup is also very simple – just click a button and begin restoring any backup in just a few minutes. You can restore to your current site, or to an alternate test site.

Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.6.x – 4.7.x

Product version: 4.02p1

Key Features

  • User can configure backup settings: select destination, type of files, backup filename prefix
  • Support user manage, search for backup history and statistics
  • Ability to add new destination where backup files are saved
  • Ability to manage and search for destination
  • User can add backup schedule for reference
  • Support user manage, search for backup schedule
  • Ability to restore from file
  • Settings
    • Configure number of days that system automatically removes backup
    • Set maximum number of item per page of Manage Backup, Manage Schedule pages
  • Backup Now (Backup Settings)
    • User can select the destination in which they want to store backup file.
    • Ability to select the type of files include in backup attempt
    • Support 4 file types:
      • Plugins: include plugins’s source codes
      • Themes: include themes’s source codes
      • Uploads: include files which have been uploaded
      • Database: include database tables
    • Support specify the prefix for the name of backup file
      • The prefix appended by the backup time stamp
    • Support set site offline during backup
      • Prevent site visitors from accessing website
      • It will be automatically set online when backup process is completed
      • Ability to change message when site is offline 
  • Manage Backup
    • Show statistics about last backup, next schedule backup, last log file
    • Support search for backup by:
      • Backup from any date to any date
      • Type of file: All type, Automatically, Manual
      • Included file: Plugins, Themes, Uploads, Database
    • Statistics show backup information: Backup date, type of backup, included file, destinations, filename, file size (MB), log file
  • Add New Destination
    • User can add destination with common information such as destination type, destination name.
    • Besides that, each destination type has its own specific fields as following
      • Email: email address
      • FTP Server: FTP Server, FTP Login, FTP Password, Remote Path, Passive Mode
      • SFTP Server: Host, Port, Username, Password, Directory Path, SCP
      • MySQL Database: Host, Port, Database Name, Username, Password
      • Amazon S3: S3 Access Key, S3 Secret Key, S3 Bucket
      • Dropbox: App Key, App Secret, Access Token, Directory Path
      • Microsoft OneDrive: Application ID, Application Secret, Directory Path
      • Google Drive: Client ID, Client Secret, Directory Path
  • Manage Destinations
    • Support to search for a destination by Name, type
    • Show destination information including Name, Type, Location
  • Add New Schedule
    • Ability to specific Schedule Name for reference
    • Set backup intervals: Every 4 hours, Every 8 hours, Every 12 hours, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
    • Allow user set start time to backup
    • Ability to select backup destination, type of files include in backup attempt
    • Specify the prefix for the name of backup file
    • User can select an archive format for backup
    • Support set site offline during backup
  • Manage Schedules
    • Ability to search for schedule by Name, created from any date to any date and included file type
    • Show backup schedule destination: next time, schedule name, included, destinations
  • Restore
    • Ability to choose backup file to restore
    • Support set site offline during backup

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