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[V3] - FoxLike like FacebookLike



This module is two-in-one package, it includes Like Button and Like Box; which is equivalent to Facebook Like Button  and Facebook Like Box –, it is the essential tool to have.

As the owner of a web site that presents things like movies, sports teams, celebrities, and restaurants, you would want to share and to promote your web site content with friends on many social networks. 

Like Box Feature: When a user visits your website and “Like” a page that belongs to a social network empowered by phpFox then automatically the user becomes a fan of that page and on that page’s wall in the social network, the “like your page” link will be displayed.

Like Button Feature: Saying that you have another website for news, and your member visits this website then “Like”, it will be automatically posted on that member’s wall in the social networks, the “like your web site”. In addition, that “Like” will be counted towards your website as it is included in the total “Likes” of your web site displayed on that particular page or social network.

phpFox compatibility: 3.6.x –> 3.8.x
Product version: 3.02p2
Ajax mode supported: Yes

License key:
This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.


Like Button:  
Here is number of YouNet phpFox Demo member like(s) this page. Just hit like and visit demo page  at to see the feed 

Like Box: 
Above is the Like Box for Steve Job Page  in our demo, just hit Like button then visit our demo to see the feed, also visit the page, you already LIKED the page.


  • Auto select content when getting code
  • Detect url automatically: if you dont’ assign a specific url, Like button will detect the URL of the site it is embeded
  • Apply User Group Setting to use module
  • Configure the size of Like Button
  • Configure if only Page Owners or everyone can see the “Get Code Liked Button” in pages

Key Features

  • Add Like button to any website
  • Support Like Box for Pages module
  • Compatible with phpFox v3.1.0
  • Able to change width & height of Like box


  • Site owner gets code to add Like button to his/her website
  • Site owner adds code to show Like button on his/her website
  • phpFox’s user can click on Like button on this website
  • Feed will be appeared in the user’s wall on phpFox with a link back to this website
  • Site owner gets code to add Like Box of one page to his/her website
  • Site owner adds code to show Like Box of this page on his/her website


Like Icon

  • Upload images to create your own Like Button

Manage User Group

  • Enable or disable Fox Like in FrontEnd

Manage Setting

  • Configure if only Page Owner or everyone can get the code

1. How to change liked icon.

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2. If I doesn’t input any content into URL to like, how will it work?

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3. When like on other page outside of phpFox platform, it still shows activity feed on phpFox site?

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