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[V3] - Advanced Menu System



What is the first thing that visitors look for when viewing a website? Navigation system. They want to know how to get to certain pages or access certain features of your web application. Therefore, it is important to have a clean, attractive and easy-to-use menu system, especially for social network because let’s face it no body is going to stay long if they are unable to navigate through your site. Having a multi function menu system not only helps your users find what they look for easily but also show that your site is well-structured from navigational level.

Advanced Menu System was developed to bring site owners a new way to decorate and organize their menu system. Organizing main menu is simple with drag and drop action. Its highly functional features and beautiful design bring a fresh new look to your website. Advanced Menu System features a 3-level menu system along with individual menu item settings and detail configuration. Its flexibility includes ability to configure even the smallest details possible such as text color, hover color, separated line type, border size, border color, background color etc. There are 5 different stylish menus to choose from and each has its own set of css settings. Menu item can be shown as text or icon, however you like. Personalizing menu system has never been easier. 

phpFox compatibility: 3.7.x – 3.8.x
Product version: 3.01

License key:

  • This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
  • License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found in your Client Area.


Key Features

  • Support Responsive Templates
  • 5 different menu styles to choose from
  • 4 different types of sub menus
  • Allow 3 levels of menu
  • Highly configurable menu item
  • Ease of configuration
  • Personalized menu style
  • Responsive and adaptive design
  • Site map generation based on current set up of menu items. 
  • Smooth animation effect

Front End

  • Responsive and highly adaptive design
  • Support 5 popular styles:
    • Flat
    • Special
    • Metro
    • Simple
    • White
  • Support 4 view types for each main menu:
    • Standard Hierarchical: Displays main menu with respective sub-menus and 3rd level menus in hierarchy
      • Ability to select sub-menu color and icons
    • Multi Columns: Displays main menu with sub-menus in multiple columns with their 3rd level menus
      • Ability to configure background color/image, and select sub-menu color/icons
    • Main Menu with Content: Displays main menu with respective content based on chosen logic
    • Mixed Menu: Displays main menu with sub-menus and their respective content on mouse hover
  • Support both Normal and Fixed – floating main navigation menu: This navigation menu is fixed on the top of the screen and floats as the site’s pages are scrolled down
  • Manage Mini Menu:
    • Change icons for “Friend Requests”, “Messages”, and “Notifications”
    • Ability to manage colors of Header Search, Header Search Text, Header Link, Header Link Hover
  • Number of menu items exceeding limit set by module setting will grouped under “More

Back End

  • Global Settings
    • Ability to switch between Advanced Menu and basic menu
    • Easily switch between 5 Main Menu Styles: Flat, Special, Metro, Simple, White
    • Enable / Disable fixed menu position when users scroll the browser
    • Allow / Disallow showing Advanced Menu to non-logged in users
    • Define number of tabs to show
    • Show / Hide “More” link when number of menu items exceeding the defined number of tabs
    • Ability to upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file and make as Site Logo
  • Manage Main Menus
    • Add more menus into menu bar. Select style of sub menu in 4 styles
    • Add more sub menus for each main menu
    • Ability to edit menu style, icon, text, text color, background color, hover color, link
    • In each sub menu, admin can change icon, text, link, text color, background color, hover color
    • Drag&Drop to reorder
  • Manage Contents
    • Content are used for 2 sub menu styles: Mixed and Content menu
    • Filter content by Menu
    • Add/Edit/Delete title, URL, photo
    • Easily select menu for specific content
    • Manually re-order the content within the same level sub-menu
    • Enable / Disable content
  • Main Menu Style Settings
    • Configure each Main Menu Style: Background Color, Text Color, Active/Hover Background Color, Hover Text Color, Separated Line, Top Border Size, Top Border Color, Bottom Border Size, Bottom Border Color, Dropdown Background Color
    • Configure Menu Dropdown Style: Left/Right Border Size, Left/Right Border Color, Bottom Border Size, Bottom Border Color
  • Mini Menu Style Settings
    • Change icons for “Friend Requests”, “Messages”, and “Notifications”
    • Configure Mini Menu Style: Header Search, Header Search Text, Header Link, Header Link Hover
  • Render Style
    • Ability to manually render CSS file from LESS files  


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