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[V3] - Advanced Event



Advanced Event now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View

Advanced Event is fully integrated with Mobile Application

Advanced Event plug-in includes many features that help users manage their online event registration and make their events more successful and profitable. Custom field for event categories is a great tool which helps admin add more fields to event creation or event edition such as: website, event type, etc. Users can browse for interesting events by advanced search criteria: description, month, past events and proximity search (location + distance). Also, with provided blocks such as Featured Events, Calendar, Past Events, Advanced Event makes, it is easier for user to access any site event.

Best compatibility: phpFox 3.7.x –> 3.8.x
Product version: 3.06p2
Ajax mode supported: Yes

License key:
This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.


Responsive Demo:


  • Edit event – Improve layout + allow to edit start/end date for recurring event
  • Add confirmation option into basic information tab when editing repeated event instead of using popup
  • ACP – Should have setting to config start week for calendar
  • Should support to add the recurring photos for the recurring events
  • Able to edit custom field in ACP
  • Hide RSVP option on completed event
  • Improve the displaying of options on recurring events

Key Features

  • Manage Events in Back End. 
  • Calendar page for filtering Events per month
  • Recurring Event generates an instance each time recurring event repeats
  • Support Hashtag in Event Description
  • Support sponsor event
  • View events on Google Map
  • Integrate with Google Calendar. Allow admin to set default location of Google Map
  • Integrate with YouNet Fox Favorite System module
  • Admin can add custom fields to forms that are specific to each event category
  • Increase usability by using the quick link in Event Detail page which allows users to contact the event owner directly
  • My Pages’ Events: show all events from pages that members have joined/liked
  • Integrate with Business DirectorySocial PublisherFox Favorite

Front End

  • All Events
    • There are 3 view modes: List, Grid and Map
    • Calendar to summarize the events of current month with highlighted days. 
    • Many blocks:
      • Featured Events: all featured events are displayed in slideshow
      • Past Events: lists out all past events
      • Upcoming Events: lists out all upcoming events
      • On-going Events: lists out all on-going events
      • Subscribe Event: user are able to subscribe for events
      • Event calendar: display total number of events in the calendar
      • Most Liked Events: lists out all events which liked by user
      • Most Viewed Event: lists out most viewed events
      • Most Discussed Events: lists out most discussed events
    • Categories to classify events
    • View on Google Map: display all the location of Events
    • Advance Search: proximity search by location, direction API. Improve event search by adding more criteria: search by description / month / past events
  • Create New Event
    • Event Details
      • Choose a category (and sub-category if available) for the Event
      • What are you planning? for Event title
      • Description: For Event information
      • Configure Start Time, End Time and if this event will be repeated or not (daily, weekly or monthly)
      • Set the location the event will be taken place.
      • Configure event’s privacy:
        • Who can see the event?
        • Who can share the event?
      • Improvement in event creation
        • Allow users to upload file when creating / editing an event
        • Allow users to invite friends when they create events
        • Allow users to upload multi-photos in listing creation / edition
        • Option to “Check all friends” when inviting friends
    • Photo
      • Can upload many photos but the one with gray border (being clicked) will be the main photo of the event.
    • Invite Guests 
      • Invite friends from your friend list to invite to the event.
      • Invite friends via email
    • Manage Guest List
    • Mass Email
      • Create any email to send to all guess of the event
  • View An Event
    • Integrate with Fox Favorite
    • Submit Your RSVP  and add the event to your Google Calendar to get reminder.
    • Google Map to view the location the event will be taken place.
    • Ability to leave comments, photos, videos or links in an event.
    • Block showing guest list of the event.
    • Block showing Event information which includes Location, Description and Recurrent Events.
    • My Pages’ Events: show all events that members have joined or liked.
    • Show time left until event happens
  • Calendar
    • List all events to the large calendar
  • Friend’s Events:
    • User are able to see the lists of all events of their friends
    • Many blocks such as Invites, Sponsored Events, Calendar, Past Events, Most Likes, Most Discussed, Most Viewed
  • Featured Events:
    • Lists all featured events in the site
    • Many blocks such as Invites, Sponsored Events, Calendar, Past Events, Most Likes, Most Discussed, Most Viewed
  • Events I’m Attending: lists all the events which current user are attending
  • Events I May Attend: lists all the events which current user may attend
  • Events I’m not attending: lists all the events which current user are not attending
  • Events Invites: lists all the events which user may want to attend
  • View on Google Map:
    • User are able to view all the events on Google Map and able to select Location, City, Radius to search for events

Back End

  • Settings:
    • Configure the number of Events on Upcoming Events, On Going Events Block
    • Configure the number of Events on Most Liked Events, Most Viewed Events, Most Discussed Events Block
    • Configure time stamp used when displaying events on a users profile
    • Maximum instances of each repeated events
    • Number of subscribers will be sent email for new events which happen within days
    • Configure the number of events for Upcoming Events, Past Events Block on Right Side
    • Configure time stamp displayed when browsing events
    • Configure time stamp that is used when viewing an event
    • Configure time stamp that is used when viewing an event
  • Add Category. 
    • Create more categories and sub-categories
  • Manage Categories. 
    • Edit/delete a specific category or sub-category
    • Drag and drop to change position of categories and sub-categories
  • Add Custom Field. 
    • Add more fields for members to fill in when creating an event.
    • These custom fields are based on Categories.
  • Manage Custom Fields. 
    • Drag and drop to change the positions of custom fields
  • Set default location of Google Map. 
    • Choose a location on Google Map to be the default one
  • Google API Setting. 
    • Configure Google API to enable Google Calendar in FrontEnd
  • Migration Events. 
    • Transfer all pre-created events from phpFox Event to fEvent
  • Manage User Group
  • Manage Events
    • Admin can featured/unfeatured/sponsor/delete events

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